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Our Story : 

Medical Pharmacy in Nepal is a fragmented Industry with thousands of  Pharmacies selling medicines and medical supplies. Drugs have sensitive chemical properties which needs to be handled in acceptable standards for it to work in human bodies effectively. Very few outlets have set standards to procure, store and supply drugs and supplies.

Hence there was a need of a pharmacy brand that can build a trust among the minds of the public. A Pharmacy brand which is trusted to handle the drugs in a safe environment and makes diverse drugs & medical accessories available through it’s own multiple shop outlets and easy to use  online platform all over Nepal.  

As drugs are vital necessities for all levels of society we also considered that it should be available in as low price as possible. 

Veda Pharmacy was born to address all the above and beyond.

Mission :

Low Price -
Provide Drugs and medical supplies in LOW rates to the Masses through both Brick & Mortar and Online order & delivery platform.

Gain Trust -
Procure, store and supply drugs and medical supplies by applying acceptable standards to maintain its chemical properties by using certified health professionals. 

Medicine  for the Masses -
With the trust gained and affordable pricing, we wish to serve a wider market in Nepal through both Brick & Mortar shops and reliable & easy online platform.

Vision :

Most Reliable and Trusted Pharmaceutical Brand all over Nepal.

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